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Trimatt Sytems are the market leaders in the supply and support of high performance attaching systems. Many people call this process "Tipping" because the feeder tip's the product onto the carrier. Whether you are attaching cards, booklets, leaflets, coupons or magnets, Trimatt can supply quality Multifeeder Technology solutions integrated with gluing systems. 


Most applications require the glue to be a temporary hold for the media that has been attached. We use Latex glue that has great operating performance and leaves no residue or marking of the carrier or the tipped product.


Accuracy and speed are key factors when considering tipping, we have a range of solutions from entry level right through to systems capable of operating at speeds of 35,000 products per hour. We have systems that can attach and place within 0.5mm!


We have installed these systems on a wide range of transports including:


  • Folder gluers- Bobst, Heidelberg, Jagenberg and more

  • Folders - Stahl, Heidelberg, MBO, Hunkeler, B&R Moll, Ward

  • Polywrappers - Sitma, Buhrs, iMM, CMC

  • Stitchers and binders - Muller Martini, Wollenberg

  • Mailbase - Trimatt 3150/3000, Kirk Rudy, Cheshire.

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