Trimatt CARDLINE Series


Trimatt CardLine series was developed to deliver high performance 'standalone' finishing solutions for a variety of card processing. Helping add real value to finishing tasks, reducing labour and ensuring the job is accurate. Trimatt CardLine can help you address, number, barcode, fold, glue and even attach a wide range of media. 

CardLine ML5

If you need to attach Card's to letters, this is the product for you! The Trimatt CardLine ML5 takes the guess work out of this critical task, ensuring all cards match perfectly to the letter carrier. Also for attaching Membership, Gift and loyalty cards with accuracy.Whether your production runs are large or small, Trimatt has a process automation system tailored to your needs. Reducing labour, error free production, delivering real profit!

FoldLine 9000

Trimatt FoldLine 9000 was developed to automate processing printed media into Glued and Folded paper media ready for distribution to market for Sleeves suited to ready-meal packs. The FoldLine 9000 can feed, glue, fold and glue at speeds that will keep you competitive. The system comes standard with two feeders, pattern gluer and folding module. 


Camera systems and inkjet printing can be added to give greater capabilities, helping you satisfy even more market opportunities. 


All integration is handled by the Trimatt team - inhouse. So for any special needs - leave it to us.

CardLine 7000

CardLine is the high performance solution for attaching and matching Cards, booklets and vouchers to Carriers. CR80, PIO, SIM Cards, Gift cards, loyalty cards and others can all be automated to help improve efficiency and accuracy. Trimatt have developed unique digital gluing and folding techniques to deliver fully integrated card packaging. This process gives you the ability to provide necessary product security and an attractive decorative look to the final product, all ready for POS or other means of distribution. The Trimatt ValidForm inspection system automatically captures all variable data for the card and carrier to ensure production outcomes are 100% validated. 

Model 3150 

The Model 3150 is designed for simple applications. Addressing of sheets, envelopes or booklets, this cost effective mailbase will deliver years of trouble free operation. 1.5 meters in length provides a smooth platform for your value added tasks. Simply add your preferred inkjet system to this platform and you have a high speed addressing and overprinting system. Add a gluer and second attaching feeder - and you now have a modern attaching system. 


Call us, and we will help determine the best starting point for your business.

 Compakt Perso

The Trimatt Compakt Perso is a 'State of the Art' stand alone Plastic Card production machine. The Trimatt CardLine Compakt is easy to use and offers users a choice for producing Gift, loyalty, membership. transport or Banking cards. Durable DoD UV inkjet is printed directly onto the Plastic cards with personalised data including Names, Numbers and barcodes. This data is also applied to the Magnetic Stripe on the card, RFID and Dual Interface, the on-board software ensures all data is handled in a secure manner. System is available in a range of configurations to suit your individual needs.


Call us, and we will help determine the best starting point for your business.