Domino Digital Inkjet


Domino Printing Sciences offer the worlds leading range of Digital Colour, mono colour UV and water based Digital inkjet systems. Operating inline with web presses or stand alone, the Domino series of Digital Printers will deliver superior inkjet resolution and reliability unmatched in todays market.


Domino Digital inkjet systems are suited to Labels, Cards, paper, plastic and even metal. UV curable inks and water based inks depending on the application needs. Also see other ancillary equipment from Trimatt such as conveyors and feeders.

Domino K600i

Single Colour Printing and Imprinting


The K600i single colour ink jet printer offers a cost-effective solution that can both imprint to personalise a template and also print complete documents such as forms, vouchers or single colour labels.


With fewer moving parts and simple, non-contact digital ink jet printing, the K600i allows you to produce a superior product at a competitive rate, helping to increase your sales and drive greater profitability.


Print Applications

The K600i is designed for integrating on webs and sheets for applications including game cards, forms, vouchers, security products, direct mail, tickets and labels. Variable Data Printing (VDP) includes:  


  • Barcodes

  • 2D codes (including Data Matrix and QR codes)

  • Graphics

  • Addresses

  • Transactional data 

Domino Editor GT

Converts your production line into generating unique printed products that add value to your business


With the ever increasing need for improved productivity and reduced costs, the Editor GT controller enables you to enhance your workflow efficiency. This versatile, modular Windows XP based controller combines data preparation tools with integrated machine control of your production line for inline ink jet printing of addresses, personalisation, numbers, barcodes and 2D codes. 


  • Added value products – adding value to your business Besides printing an address, add a personalised reminder or reference to a promotion or print a variable graphic based game. Add a targeted insert to a personalised document through the feeder control capability or use Mail Sort to generate postage discounts through the stacker control option.

  • Variable data printing is made easy – the Addressing Module provides simple database management and comprehensive addressing and personalising capability, whilst the Numbering Module facilitates powerful number, barcode and 2D code sequences.

  • Seamless integration – providing machine control (in addressing applications, tracking a product and then controlling a stacker or exit conveyor in order to generate postal sort breaks is common); multi-position printing (unique tracking over different machine sections enables the EditorTM GT to match the personalisation printed by ink jet printers located at different points along a production line); and print matching (integrating with a vision system allows you to read, print and verify where multiple pre-personalised items form one product).

  • The most secure solution – simple print confirmation means that with every message printed, the printer confirms to the EditorTM GT that the print has happened and the sequence is as expected. For the ultimate secure solution, a vision system can be employed to read and verify what has been printed is as planned. 










Domino N610i

Digital Colour Label Press 


The Domino N610i, with industry standard 333mm (13”) print width, up to 7 colours including opaque white, 600dpi ‘native’ print resolution and operating speeds up to 75m/min (246ft/min) is the only label press that combines the productivity of flexo printing with the flexibility offered by rapid job change digital technology.


During a 30 minute flexo make-ready, the N610i could produce up to 2250m of print – this could be 10 new customer jobs secured by your reduced lead times. This offers label printers an investment that provides added potential for greater sales growth and increased profitability, whilst reducing production cost and complexity.


Consistent high print quality at flexo speeds


Key Benefits include:

  • The highest productivity - with print speeds of up to 75m/min (246ft/min), the N610i will accept 340mm(13.4”) wide media with 1m(39”) diameter input and output rolls for maximum throughput

  • The most consistent print results - Domino’s unique intelligent Technology i-Tech features are what really makes the Domino difference, delivering consistent print results job to job.

  • The best digital ink jet quality – with 600 x 600dpi native resolution, the N610i is the ink jet label press with the highest native print resolution on the market.

  • ActiFlow – this innovative ink circulating system maintains a constant ink temperature and removes any dissolved air in the ink delivering consistent print colour and superior reliability

  • CleanCap – this revolutionary automated print head cleaning and capping station maintains constant print nozzle performance delivering consistent print results and minimal downtime

  • StitchLink – using micro-motor controller technology the print heads are aligned to micron levels of precision during installation, enabling seamless print across the full web width



Domino K150

The high resolution K150 digital printer provides a versatile, cost-effective solution to meet the growing demand for late-stage ink jet customisation on a range of coated and uncoated substrates. With fast make ready (print ready can be achieved within five minutes) and job changeover possible within seconds, the K150 is simple and easy to use.

Capable of printing addresses, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, numbering, logos and graphics, the K150 is particularly suitable for mailing and addressing applications, as well as labels, tickets, security, plastic cards and business form applications.

The compact, modular design of the K150 is easily integrated onto mailing lines, webs and card lines. With all the printer electronics built into the printhead assembly, it is designed for field repair to maximise production uptime and limit support costs.

There are variable (K150VR) and fixed (K150FR) resolution variants available, both of which are fully compatible with Domino’s Editor GT controller system.
Using piezo drop on demand ink jet technology, the K150 delivers excellent print quality with UV curable and low volatile solvent ink options depending on the substrate and print finish required.

Domino Fluids & Parts

Domino supply a comprehensive range of fluids and spares consumables for use in the full range of Domino coders.


The range of fluids includes over fifty specially developed fluids that are designed to combat a diverse range of substrates and applications. Users can select an ink, that is not only the most suitable for the substrate and the production environment, but which also has a particular purpose or characteristic.


  • Environmentally friendly solvents

  • Food grade for direct marking on food stuffs

  • UV curable for highly durable codes UV readable for security or discrete coding applications

  • Pigmented for dark substrates

  • Thermochromic where a colour change is needed


You can set up formal agreements with Trimatt to schedule deliveries of all your consumables.  This will assist you in minimising on the number of shipments required.  These agreements are completely flexible and volumes can be changed at any time.  You will save carriage charges, subject to regular deliveries and shipment value, as well as peace of mind that your deliveries are pre-loaded for the year ahead.