Trimatt Systems offer a broad range of feeding solutions. Friction, shuttle, rotary, even pick and place are methods we employ to ensure the most suitable technology is used for your application.


Multifeeder Technology, USA designed and built, offer high quality, high performance systems suited to higher end applications demanding heavy duty cycle. For standard applications demanding performance at a budget, the Straight Shooter series can deliver a range of solutions. These systems are all integrated with the vast application and technical experience of the team at Trimatt. We have systems to feed very thin, to very thick. Placement, accuracy and speed are no limitations for the range of systems available.


Feeding systems can provide a range of time saving, profit making solutions to users. A range of applications include:


  • Onserting lids

  • Batch counting sheets

  • Attaching items

  • Dispensing

  • Feed and verifiy

  • Collating numerous pieces

  • Feed into parent machinery

  • Feed and inkjet dates and codes

  • Leaflet feeding

  • And many more....