Trimatt Systems supply and support systems designed to add value to your products, and to ensure you produce the correct product at all times. Carton manufacturers today produce an ever increasing number of SKU's than before. The chance of mixing SKU's in a single production run is ever increasing. Trimatt have developed Camera based systems that take the guess work out of getting it right. ValidForm  is locally produced, affordable and is your insurance policy against losses due to mixed or incorrect carton production. Our ValidForm system can be integrated with folder gluers so as each and every carton is inspected "realtime" - with our ValidForm system, you cant get it wrong!


Our Value Adding systems deliver inline solutions for attaching promotional items to cartons, promo labels, inkjet numbers and more.

See Video of labelling Mcdonalds products

See Video of ValidFrom camera checking each carton

See Video of labelling fibre board products

See Video of labelling high speed inline folder gluer