Trimatt Systems offer several solutions for "value adding", "promotional" and "labour reducing" tasks. 


On-Pack Promotions


Brand promotions are one of the most highly effective methods of boosting product sales and brand switching at store level.  An ideal way of communicating brand promotions is to utilise the valuable “real estate” of the actual product itself. As compared with traditional POS, communication, on pack is easily merchandised as it arrives in-store with the product. It stays displayed for the duration of the promotion, or at least until product is sold out.  This increases the opportunity to be noticed by the consumer, because the communication is brought home with the product. Trimatt Systems supply and support solutions that can be installed in the manufacturing plant to glue and attach, label or inkjet promotional data directly onto the package. 


Many of our customers use our quality systems for attaching cards, labels, sachets and even inkjet promo detail directly to the packaging. Some of these promotions include:


  • Unique codes (text, QR codes for PURL or Augmentation to website)

  • Instant win codes and messages

  • Games

  • Call to action self-adhesive labels

  • Multi-page pull open coupon labels (Extended Content Labels)

  • Lotto or bingo

  • Removable tokens and collectable items



Domino Inkjet - Games Management


Promotional games are vital sales, reader retention and branding tools for publishers and MNCs worldwide. Domino's inline games management system is an innovative way of printing games directly onto consumer packaging, newspapers and magazines in-line on the press by using non-contact, high-speed Continuous  and Piezo  (DOD)  ink jet printers


The flexibility of Domino equipment, backed by our close working relationships with key industry OEMs, ensures that Domino systems are readily deployed on most production lines. With agreements already established with many of the major manufacturers, Domino can provide a complete solution to meet your specific requirements in this sector.



Trimatt 1170 Digital Inkjet - Affordable printing systems

Printing bags and boxes in full colour is easy with the new Trimatt 1170 versatile printer. With amazing print quality of 1200 DPI, and a print swath of 297mm this printing system will save you time and money, and open up new opportunities for your production and marketing. Solutions can be supplied for 'stand alone' applications, or Trimatt can help you integrate into existing machinery.