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Trimatt Systems are the industry leader in providing Plastic Card producers with modular systems for full personalisation of each card in a variety of ways. Our solutions cover the following applications:


  • Magnetic Encoding & Inkjet personalisation

  • Label application

  • Personalise credit & debit cards

  • Mailing & Fulfillment Solutions

  • Loyalty Card production

  • Membership Card production

  • SIM Card packaging

  • Telco voucher and pre-paid scratch cards

  • ID Cards, Transport cards and NFC Encoding

  • Commercial cards


We design and build standard configurations for inkjet personalising utilising the very latest DoD inkjet technologies. These high resolution UV inkjet systems produce outstanding quality barcodes, text and graphics - even QR codes and other 2D barcode symbologies.


Glue and attach card to carrrier is a common application where Trimatt excel, our systems automate matching a card to carrier with 'easy to use' camera technology and our own matching software "ValidForm". 



Trimatt CardLine series of systems can provide card integration solutions for a range of segments including Telco SIM card, Loyalty programs and Membership. Our CardLine series ensures your Unique cards are enclosed within a folded piece and matched correctly to the address or barcode data - this is all achieved within a closed loop giving you and your clients the peace of mind that you have the 'perfect match'.

See the video below of the new Generation of Trimatt CardLine Compakt, card perso machine. This amazing machine can Magnetic encode, DoD inkjet and label security stickers all in one single pass. 

Trimatt CardLine Compakt Gift card Perso 
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