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PLOUGH FOLDING - Trimatt FoldLine 9000

Add folding capability to your Trimatt CardLine or your current card attaching system using the Trimatt Plough (Plow) folder.


Roll the module inline with your existing machinery to produce a variety of Value Added paper products. An in-feed registration system can be supplied ensuring accuracy in registration. Dual scoring wheels can also be added with adjustment across the entire paper path for maximum flexibility. Setups are fast and easy using the sliding bed arrangement for aligning the score with the fold plate.

Use the Trimatt Plough Fold in-line with most brands of finishing equipment.


Opening Station:


We also have the very latest technology for Opening media. The Trimatt Opening Station can reliably Open the top sheet of prefolded or stitched media, with ease!


These systems can be provided on our Standard CardLine series vacuum conveyors, or integrated into your existing machinery.


See our video of the Opening Station:

See our details of the Trimatt Plough Folding:

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