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Trimatt Systems  provide  the latest print finishing  innovations  to  keep  your  work  in-house, and capture 'real profit' from post press tasks. Examples of profit making solutions include:



Inkjet systems can be integrated into most equipment, such as folders, stitchers, binders, polywrappers, webs and more. Add value to printed media and keep ahead of the game


Domino's integrated finishing systems provide total print finishing solutions for on-line addressing and personalisation of printed and bound products for both printer and publisher. Eliminating the need for labels and separate printing processes, all items including poly wrap / paper covers and in- and on-serts can be personalised and addressed for a complete finishing solution that adds value to the end product.


Key Print Finishing Applications


On-line Addressing

  • High quality printing onto poly- or paper wraps

  • Personalising and pre-addressing on-line eliminates the time and expense of a separate printing process

  • Set up and changeover times greatly reduced

  • Automatic reordering facility ensures 100% output


Personalised Covers

  • Address and personalise on-line with membership or subscriber details

  • Print text in several different positions - on cover, or within the book, parallel to spine or head

  • Quality output with a wide range of fonts even at fast production speeds


Selective On- and In-Serts

  • Personalised on- and in-serts can be selectively fed on to the product with reader details, targeted advertising or special offers

  • Flexibility to implement demographic as well as geographic mailings

  • Personalised on- and in-serts maximise return in selected markets 


Glue & Attach


Trimatt Systems provide turnkey solutions for glue and attaching - the Trimatt CardLine series offer users the choice of size and speed models based on initial requirements. Systems are designed with a clear up path making it easy to add features as applications grow. These quality Attaching systems satisfy a range of popular applications, for example:




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