Straight Shooter offer a range of friction feeder using their unique        

Buckle Sepaeration technology. These feeders are versatile with numerous models and sizes to suit practically any application. 


Feeding cards, sheets and cartons is a breeze with 'Straight Shooters' quick set up side guides and belt adjustments - these handy features make it easy for operators to change product sizes.


Applications for the Straight Shooter systems include:


  • Polywrapper insert feeder

  • Letter inserter feeder- P9 Model

  • Laser Printer Feeder - LF12/LFPro Models

  • Inkjet date coder feeder, for flat products.

  • Batch counter

  • Collating 


Trimatt proudly supply and support Straight Shooter products in Australia and New Zealand for domestic projects, and internationally for export clients.