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Trimatt ValidForm


ValidForm is a PC based, data capture and matching system. Using the very latest Camera reading techniques and custom designed software for data set up and reporting. ValidForm can be used in a host of applications including document matching, card to carrier matching, collating verification and also inkjet quality reporting. Barcodes, 1D or 2D barcodes and text are all possible methods for unique product recognition. Trimatt have deployed the ValidForm range into a wide range of machinery. We specialise in customised integration for stitchers, binders, folders, wrappers, inserters and more.


ValidForm helps you ensure you get it right the first time - 


Features include:

  • Multi-station - upto 8

  • OCR or 1D 2D barcode

  • File match

  • Read look up

  • Station match

  • Real time error logging

  • Machine Stop on Error

  • Active log

  • Remake file generator


Installations/Applications Include:


  • Letter inserter - matching items

  • CardLine - matching cards and vouchers

  • Binder - matching sections

  • Folder gluer - ensuring correct cartons are loaded

  • Polywrapper - mail sorting

  • Exit scanning - reads every good product at end of line

  • Web - reading variable data printed by inkjet





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